3 Lessons I've Learnt While Building Sites

Originally published at: https://tech.staging.frocentric.io/2022/07/25/3-lessons-ive-learnt-while-building-sites/

Originally posted by James Midzi to 3 Lessons I’ve Learnt While Building Sites I’ve been building sites – actively that is – for several months now. Be it for clients, for collaborative projects or for showcases I’m doing – I’ve authored a bunch of them. This has brought with it several lessons – some intentional…

Hey bro, dope article I’ve been developing for sometime now and completely agree with these points however, I still find myself struggling when it comes to planning out things(in terms of figuring out what’s most important to complete and things to actually complete). I usually plan as I’m creating unless someone else has a plan to implement it. You should drop another article on how you go about building :fire:

Thanks bro! Thank you for reading.

I get that difficulty. It’s one of the reasons I use Obsidian.md (an article why this app) for a lot of my study and planning.

I also do plan other things during as well, but those are guided by some overall plan.

Funnily enough I did an article on how I went about building a clients site(more of an overview). You can read that one here: Building PRAEY while I write a more detailed one for the site I’m currently working on.

Thank you for the suggestion

Thanks for the article is was very insightful. Research is very important. One of the things I’ve learned is building a Minimal Viable Project (MVP). This really allows you to focus on what is the most important things about the project and cuts out a lot of the unnecessary detail. You could do this using mock ups using something like figma and getting the whole team involved in the mocks you have created. This way you can make design changes without having to make more expensive code changes. Building web and mobile versions is also very helpful from the start.