ACN Recruitment Event - Consulting

Hey guys, just sharing a recruitment event that my company KPMG is hosting next month…

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Nice one! Do you know much about the sort of roles they’re trying to fill?

There’s a such a broad range of roles available but this should give you a better idea of the scope: Vacancies

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I see what you mean about the broad range. :sweat_smile: I actually see some roles that have me like :thinking:

Apply and stick my name in the referral pls :grinning:

Lol! Will do if I apply, fo’ sho’. Do you get a bonus?

Yessir! Actually, anyone that applies please feel free to pop my name in the box…

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I’m intrigued by the number of roles that say they can be full- or part-time, do you know what part-time means at KPMG?

No idea but I can ask…