Create a No-Touch QR Code Menu with GitHub Pages

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Originally posted by blackgirlbytes to Create a No-Touch QR Code Menu with GitHub Pages I created a no-touch QR Code menu using GitHub Pages, and I built different versions of the menu with various frameworks such as Next.js and Tailwind CSS, Astro, and React. The menu is Caribbean-inspired with Afro-Guyanese foods because that’s my parent’s…

This actually looks quite cool… and something I could potentially use. As a non-developer, I think some of what you laid out went slightly over my head. But I have built WordPress sites before. If I am correct, in using GitHub Pages, you need to be able to create your own ‘themes’, so to speak? And then upload the entire thing to the GitHub page? Is this something that someone with little to no coding knowledge can do quite easily?

I’m not sure since I’ve never used Wordpress, but I found this as a possible solution: Can I host my wordpress blog on github pages as a static webpage - Stack Overflow

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Adding to @blackgirlbytes suggestion (which actually looks quite useful for certain scenarios), I’d just say that you should consider what the parameters and priorities are for your project. WP has a huge library of plugins, themes and documentation, but it also has a pretty outdated architecture and meaningful maintenance overheads.

For a simple content-only site, it would be worth assessing whether your platform familiarity outweighs the advantages offered by more modern no-code builders.