I can't code like this!

It’s to hot to code! … that’s it really.

I’s prefer to code in the evening when its cooler, my mind feels free’er but I have to be online from 9:30am till 5:30pm, even if I have no meetings … just in case someone tries to reach me. So after doing those hours, I probably have to do some more hrs later on in the night as I was not as productive as I needed to be during the day.

Just want to code during the evening and chill during the day. Am I asking to much?

Have you tried actually pitching this to your employer? Or do they not believe in the concept of flexible working?

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If you can’t get flexible working, you need to join an american company like me. I’ll probably be working 5pm to 12am.

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I actually did this recently. I was offline during the day and then came online during night hours for work. You really just have to let your employers know how difficult it is. The reasonable ones wouldn’t have a problem.